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Why You Should Be Excited about the Little Things!

Life is always boring, right? No matter how you twist it, no matter how you try to entertain this brain of yours, you’re still not satisfied. You’re always aching for more, and seem to linger in remorse for the unknown.

But this is not how it should be. One way or the other, you’re faced with reality. You can’t run away from your own responsibilities. Maybe at times those would become an obstacle to pursuing a certain passion of yours.

Remember that you can be one with your passions, and still lead a happy responsible life. But sacrifices are always made… for a good reason. Maybe you’d prefer to start a family of your own, and watch your kids grow with your partner. But that always seems to require change in your own version of a single lifestyle.

Defamiliarize to See Beauty

Life doesn’t have to be the way you see it. Once we become familiar with our surroundings, and lavish the comfort of a safe zone or haven, we begin to overlook its beauty.

If you take a moment to detach from what’s around you; from your loved ones and your favorite painting on the wall. Forget it all and just see it once more for the first time. If that was the last day you’ll ever see that painting, you’ll notice every color and stroke.

You don’t have to go all crazy excited about it… be chill. Observe what’s around you for what it really is, allowing your mind to perceive the sublimity in things around you.

Slow Your Pace or You’ll Miss!

Sometimes we don’t realize how much faster the pace of our lives has become. We get so immersed in what we’re doing, that we miss what actually goes on around us. We miss an expression; we miss a breeze… just the kind we were looking for.

Discipline and determination can be a useful, but a dangerous weapon. You don’t want to choose a robotic approach to your life and disregard the humane in you. Be ambitious, but know that life has an end. We’re here to mark our existence, but also to simply live and survive. Never forget the little things, because they do actually matter.

All you have to do is look around you, and appreciate what comes for granted. You’ve worked all your life, even if you don’t realize it, to reach the very point you’re at. Feel glorious of what you’ve achieved, and reap the harvest of your reality. You’ve earned it!

We’re more than glad to have you here today for a couple of minutes. We hope we’ve cheered you up and passed on a good spirit.

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