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Why Honesty Is So Important for Your Self-Esteem

You might be wondering: what does self esteem have to do with honesty?

We know the connection is not obvious at first. But the fact remains that self esteem is generated through honesty. If you’re willing to show your true face and not another mask from the drawer, that’s both honesty with the world and inner peace and acceptance.

Every time you pretend to be someone else, you lose a little bit of your true essence. You also lose respect for yourself. We’re going to explain why in this post:

What Does Self Esteem Really Mean

Before I discuss why honesty might be a prerequisite for self-esteem, I will explain to you what I mean by self-esteem. Most people tend to confuse self esteem with other things. The true definition lies in your own idea of recognition; being both recognized by yourself and others. This gives you the lovable quality that gives you a gratifying feeling of self-worth.  

So you are convinced that you are a good person and should be treated with respect by your peers. In some cases, that’s not what one receives. It’s not a world where each person gets what they deserve.

Wanting to please the other… too much!

And so naturally, it happens that some grow a keen interest in materialistic accomplishments and vain compliments to reassure their inner voice. Of course, it might be cool to own an amazing car, and have your friends shower you with good comments and remarks.

But that’s not what life is all about. And, most importantly, that’s not what You are about. Relying on the admiration from others to sustain self esteem will be a dead-end in bettering yourself. The psychological rewards you get from will always fluctuate, and it’s never a good measure of true self worth.

Honesty in Defining Your Self-Worth

Being able to stand up and confront yourself… your impulses, weaknesses, fears and strength points is something that takes courage. As an individual, being honest about your self-image will grant you incredible sense of self worth and increased self esteem.

If you’re wearing a mask, it will never last. Think about it: you get rewarded for something you’re not. After a while, it gets boring. It becomes rather unrewarding to continue in this state. That’s why you need to be able to show this level of honesty in early stages in life.

Accepting your own ideas and what defines you is the key to a higher self esteem that is just thrilling to experience. I myself have been caught in the dungeons of insecurities and delusions. But once you’re honest to yourself and others, the weight will just drop and you’ll be much more comfortable.

That’s it for this post, guys. I hope you’re cracking up that old belly of yours and not being serious ever. Life is short and you need to live it confidently and to the fullest. Drop a comment below telling us how honesty shaped your own personality. We’d be more than thrilled to hear from you!