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4 Quick and Easy Ways to Get More Page Views

While the majority of bloggers focus a lot of energy on getting more unique visitors to their blogs, there are many who depend on racking up the page views, usually to make money with CPM advertising. Because they are getting paid for each ad impression, they not only strive to increase their incoming traffic, but they also try to squeeze as many page views as possible out of their regular readers.

For some, this can be a problem, and it’s not uncommon to struggle in this area. Here are a few simple things you can do to increase your daily page views in a jiff, given that you already have steady traffic to your blog:

Provide quality content.

If your readers aren’t interested in what you have to say, why would they want to stick around? Engage them with something they find interesting, useful, or entertaining. Give them a reason to stay and read more.

Also, make a point to write catchy headlines. These are what pique the interest of people surfing the net and draw them into your blog. “Sell” your content from the very beginning, and if it’s good enough, your visitors will pursue more information on the topics that interest them.

(This may not be quick or easy for most bloggers, but it is essential. And I assure you, the writing process gets easier with time and practice.)

Make navigation simple.

Display links to your most recent posts in your sidebar, feature your most popular articles, include category links, install a search box, etc. Make it easy for your visitors to explore your blog. If you have a knack for writing great headlines (and content), the chances of a reader clicking links to other articles will be significantly greater.

Think of it as a buffet- put some internal links on display and your visitors are bound to help themselves to new content. That is, if it looks good enough.

Link to older posts.

When writing, link to older posts that are relevant to the topic at hand. If a reader likes your blog and sees a link within the content that interests them, they’ll often click it. Make it simple for those readers to explore further- entice them with links to other articles you’ve written.

The “related posts” plugin is popular among WordPress users to direct their readers to more content at the end of each post. If you use WP, you may want to consider installing it. Or, if you’re using a different blog platform, you can manually include a short list of related articles at the end of each post.

Linking to older posts is an especially good technique for getting your subscribers to visit your blog, too.

Encourage comments.

Get your readers involved- ask them questions. Encourage them to share their thoughts about the topic at hand. Ask them for their stories, or jokes, or recipes. Link out to another blogger’s post and send a trackback. Just get a conversation going.

For every comment, that’s two page views- the post page usually refreshes when you submit a comment. Or if a reader comes from another page on your blog, that’s at least three views. A few comments may not appear to be much, but they add up quickly. The bigger and more interactive your blog is, the better off you are.

Note: This does not apply to blogs hosted by Blogger because the comment form is located on a page separate from your blog.

Put simply, page views are easy to come by if you understand your audience and know how to get them involved. Interact with your readers. Get to know them. Find out what interests them, and write an article about it. Or better yet, write a series.

Focus on building a strong community around your blog, and those page views will take care of themselves.

Do you have any other tips you’d like to share?

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