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4 Quick and Easy Ways to Get More Page Views

While the majority of bloggers focus a lot of energy on getting more unique visitors to their blogs, there are many who depend on racking up the page views, usually to make money with CPM advertising. Because they are getting paid for each ad impression, they not only strive to …

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How to Turn Your StumbleUpon Traffic Into Loyal Readers

As many bloggers know, StumbleUpon can be a great source of traffic to their blogs. But later on, some of them find that most (or all) of the traffic they receive are only one-time visitors. So how does a blogger ensure that some of those visitors return? Let’s get into …

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12 Reasons Why Most Bloggers Don’t Make Much Money Online

Despite all the free advice available to those who want to blog to earn a living, the vast majority don’t make much money. A blogger will read a blog or ebook that says “do this” or “do that” and will do “this” and “that” and a number of other things, …

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